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"Leave the rest to us! The                                        are ready to Party!"















                *PARTY PACKAGES*


To make this a day to remember, add a special package to your Funtime Party. You can:


+ Add a character(s) to your party by choosing from the following:


A Fairy Tale Princess: Queen Elsa - Princess Anna - Cinderella - Snow White - Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - Tinkerbell


A Fairy Tale Prince: Prince Philip - Buttons - Muddles - Peter Pan

Superheroes: Superman – SpiderMan - Batman

Mascots: *NEW* OLAF - Priscilla the duck - Frankenstein -Santa (Seasonal)

Remember: You can combine any of these characters so please let us know.




+Add a FuntimeStar GIFT for each attending child.


Only one gift/goody bag for each child. Maximum 25 children. Extra cost will occur for more than 25.

Gifts will change to suit that particular age and theme.

Please let us know how many children there will be so we can cater for the correct amount.




+ Add a small scale Pantomime Show. This will be a small scale production of a fun packed show with drama, excitement, song & dance but most importantly audience participation that will certainly get the children fully involved. This will last 40-45 minutes.

For all ages!




+ Add a Funtime Craft table. Children are able to make their own items/props/costume which will normally follow the theme of the party. These allow children to enjoy making something as an individual or as a group, so book one today and watch your child get creative and learn something new. Items that can be made are: Crowns - Princess Tiaras - Superhero Masks - Animal Masks - Swords - Nursery Rhyme Creatures - Hanging "Frozen" Snowflakes

These will last around 40-45 minutes.



If you have chosen a theme, the Funtime Team will advise on which will be the most appropiate. If no theme is applied to a party then please let us know which items you would like the children to make.

Only one of the above items are allowed to be made during one craft party.

MAXIMUM CHILDREN IN ONE GROUP 25, If there are any more than this please let us know prior to your party. Extra charges will apply.

For up to children aged 2 - 15years.











Call the party line on 07581 238074


Funtime Theatre's children's parties are firstly designed to give your child a day to remember, taking them on a fun and magical adventure for their Birthday.


All the parties include fulfilled games, upbeat party songs and interactive dance routines which are led by the FuntimeStars team.  This alone is approximately 1 hour. This part of the party will be hosted by the team. Please see below for packages that can be added on!



MOST IMPORTANTLY, Funtime Theatre are there to give you (the parents/organiser) a stress free experience whilst planning and organising any birthday party or celebration. Please feel free to talk through your plans with the team as they are more than happy to advise and help you create the most magical experience for your children’s' special day.


The team are all DBS (CRB) checked and have been working with children for many years.